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Arc. joseph benson

ceo, Forex trader, & Editor

Hi, I am Joseph Benson, an architect, Forex trader, video gamer, YouTuber, blogger, aquarist, solo traveler, and ultralight helicopter enthusiast. I’ve been a forex trader for thirteen years, so I know a lot about the world of trading.




arc. helena manuel

Trader & WRITER

Hi, I am Helena Manuel, M.Arch, LEED Green Associate, NOMA. been a forex trader with years of experience, I am originally from Angola, I am a writer and have multiple other hobbies. Been a trader and an architect make me strong.


oche moses

trader & WRITER

Hello, I am Oche Moses, a proud forex trader with years of experience trading the financial market. Trading has been my passion for years; I trade mainly the major currency pairs. My hobbies are not limited; I am also a content writer.