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  • Amigat Pro Alert Strategy Package

    Amigat Pro Alert Strategy Package

    Introducing the Amigat Pro Alert Strategy Package, your ultimate companion for strategic trading success. This innovative tool combines advanced algorithms with real-time market analysis, providing…

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  • ABCD Retracement Indicator

    ABCD Retracement Indicator

    Introducing the ABCD Retracement Indicator, a powerful tool for traders seeking precision in market analysis. Designed to identify potential price reversals based on the Fibonacci…

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Arc. joseph benson

ceo, Forex trader, & Editor

Hi, I am Joseph Benson, an architect, Forex trader, video gamer, YouTuber, blogger, aquarist, solo traveler, and ultralight helicopter enthusiast. I’ve been a forex trader for thirteen years, so I know a lot about the world of trading.

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arc. helena manuel

Trader & WRITER

Hi, I am Helena Manuel, M.Arch, LEED Green Associate, NOMA. been a forex trader with years of experience, I am originally from Angola, I am a writer and have multiple other hobbies. Been a trader and an architect make me strong.


Rev. innocent peace

Blogger & tv presenter

Hello, I am Rev. Innocent Peace Udochukwu, a proud writer with years of experience on content creation generally. writing, blogging and Tv show has been my passion for years. My hobbies are not limited; I am also a Preacher.