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Write for us. Are you a blogger or free writer that needs a good backlink to your blog site or social media? Do you believe that other traders may benefit from your understanding of technical or fundamental analysis? Would you mind sharing the specifics of the trading approach that has been the most successful for you?

You are invited to contribute a guest post on my blog as one of the writers if you believe that your expertise of different aspects of the financial markets and foreign currency trading will help your fellow traders and is really worth sharing.

Write for us guidelines

Here at Joebenz, everything is straight-forward. Since we know that writing and creating content, especially unique content, is very difficult, you don’t need to send us an email for our approval. Simply scroll below and you’ll find a submission form very available.

We only accept blog post or content on Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, Binary option, Global market, Forex analysis, Fundamental analysis, Market news and Investment ideas.

Your content must be very unique. Here on joebenz.com, we normally check your content using copyscape.com against plagiarism before we publish it. If we find your content published on another site, we will not approve and publish your content.

The benefits of writing for us

If you want to know the benefits of why you should write for us, let me tell you we are going to grow together, Here at joebenz.com we will allow you to add or have up to five (5) do follow backlinks to your blog site publish post and home page or social media profile embeded on your submitted article or blog post.

What kind of content should you submit?

Once again your content or blog post should be around forex, crypto, stocks, indices, binary option, global market, and investment ideas. The title of your article should be around (How to, Numbers like: 5, 6, 7, 10…… things, What is, Understanding, Why, Reasons and so on.

How long should your guest post be?

We don’t have a set length requirement for articles. Just extend it to the proper length. Having said that, your submitted posts must have a word count of 1500 words or more, it must be very detailed and arranged properly. Your blog post should have a key takeaway in the form of bullet points.

All set? Submit your article below. It takes us 1 to 3 days to publish your blog post.


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