100 Percent Non-Repaint Halftrend | Scalping Strategy

100 Percent Non-Repaint Halftrend

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100 percent non-repaint halftrend, this is an extremely simple complete system designed to scalp the market entries for fast take profits. This system is great for both mobile users, beginners, or those who like to trade clear signals on the chart.

And be sure to watch until the end where I give some tips on how to further profit from this strategy. Half Trend Acquire Market Indicator is a Moving Typical based market trend recognizing device that suits all kind of trading styles.

This indicator can signal both the trend and also trade at the same time. It can be related to trade all kinds of forex currency sets within the MT4 trading systems and also fits with all sorts of duration charts.

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100 Percent Non-Repaint Halftrend

100 percent non-repaint halftrend scalping strategy

The Indicator demonstrates the trend signals in a much simpler means to ensure that everybody including newbies can apply it genuine trading functions. Besides, it can additionally be added to other trend-following systems for far better performance.

Trading the trend can be fun to be honest and this is what this strategy do best, if are a beginner and you do not know how to ride the trend.

This indicator will not only show you how to ride the trend but also show you how to make massive profits out of it. Now is the time the video below will help you understand how to install and start trading with this amazing indicator.

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100 Percent Non-Repaint Halftrend

Long entry

Price is above the 15 minute 200 EMA. 2. Buy Signal on the HalfTrend.

100 Percent Non-Repaint Halftrend

Short entry

Price is below the 15 minute 200 EMA. 2. Sell Signal on the HalfTrend


The 100 percent non-repaint halftrend strategy is not a strategy you will learn anywhere. However, at times, it has proven to be a strategy that can make you all the money in the world.

If any of the above statements apply to your trading, then this might be a strategy worth investing some time into exploring and fine tuning to your own personal style, as well as diving into some really deep learning of the indicators being used in conjunction with each other.

I hope you enjoyed this strategy and that it helped you make some easy free cash trading. It’s simple, easy to implement and requires little thinking from you. The good thing about it is that it can be applied on most time frames!

Just keep in mind that although it’s an easy strategy, the risk is still high. You should never use your emergency funds when applying it and I would highly recommend setting a stop loss.

It is extremely important to know when a trend has started or if it has already reversed. Use your indicators to help you determine when this is happening and you will greatly increase your winning percentage.

1. Watch for a bullish crossover of the fast and slow moving averages on the 4hr chart.

2. When the 4hr chart is showing a bullish crossover you will want to look at the 1hr or 60 minute chart for confirmation that the new trend has started or that the trend has reversed.

3. If you get a bearish crossover of the fast and slow moving average on the 4hr chart, you have to wait for another crossover on the weekly chart before you can enter into this trade.

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