AW Turtles Indicator MT5 – Traders Chart Friend

AW Turtles Indicator MT5 - Traders Chart Friend

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AW turtles indicator MT5, the indication works according to the Turtle system and classically presumes a time period of 20 and 55 candle lights. Exit signal – rate breakout in the opposite instructions of the pattern of the very same time period.


Tools: Currency sets, stocks, products, indices, cryptocurrencies
Timeframe: Classically D1, likewise ideal for dealing with any timeframe
Trading time: all the time
Finance technique: Risk per deal no greater than 1%.
When utilizing extra orders, the threat for each extra position is 0.25%.

AW Turtles Indicator MT5

Login guidelines:

1) Shorter term entry:

An entry condition is a breakout of the 20-day high or low.
If the previous signal was effective, the offer is avoided.

If the previous trade was closed with a revenue, we avoid the entry. Later on we enter it after breaking through the 55-day channel if it all of a sudden turns out that the breakout is successful.

When the cost breaks this channel, we go into the trade.

2) Longer term entry (if the 20-day breakout was missed out on for the factors mentioned above):.

The rate breaks the 55-day high or low of the Donchian Channel.

Keep in mind! Method 2 does not utilize the filter for the previous trade, we constantly get in.

AW Turtles Indicator MT5

Exit Strategies:.

Stop Loss.

1) In the traditional variation, there is a streamlined type of computation for turtles. It appears like this:.

In order to deal with the formula for computing the stop loss, you need to include the ATR indication to the chart:.

Stop Loss = ATR (20) * 2.

2) We use an extra alternative for determining Stop Loss. This is an exit along the middle line of the sign.

The screenshot in the item description reveals both Stop Loss alternatives:.

At the bottom, the ATR indication with a duration of 20 is shown. Therefore, in the very first estimation, the Stop Loss will be 389 * 2 = 780 points.
In the upper part of the screenshot you can see the approximated Stop loss level for the 2nd technique, that is, along the middle line. The 2nd alternative is Stop loss = 745 points.

As you can see, the Stop Loss levels in the 2nd and very first cases are various, however have comparable signs. You can utilize any of the presented alternatives in your trading.

Extra orders:

Set up at a distance of a minimum of every 0.5 ATR from the entry point.

Input settings:

Duration Donchian – Channel duration. Based upon the previous given variety of candle lights, from the low to the high price level. On channel breakouts, we get signals of a pattern turnaround.
Optimum bars for computation – The variety of bars to compute the indication.

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Send Out Push Notifications – Use notices of brand-new signals to the mobile variation of the trader’s terminal.
Send Out Popup Alerts – Use pop-up alerts.
Send out Email – Use corresponding about the look of signals to the trader’s e-mail.

AW Turtles Indicator MT5


Multi timeframe control panel – Panel view, lessened or complete.
Typeface size in panel – The size of the text on the indicator panel.
Y balanced out – moving multi-timeframe Y-axis panels.
X balanced out – moving the multi-frame panel along the X axis.
Color Sell Line – Color of the upper line of the indication.
Color Buy Line – Color of the lower line of the indication.
Color Average Line – Color of the middle line of the indication.
Uptrend Color Panel – Color of the upward instructions in the panel.
Sag Color Panel – Color of the down instructions in the panel.
Up Color Main Panel – Color uptrend in the panel.
Down Color Main Panel – Downtrend color in the panel.


We more than happy to offer our advancements free of charge, however due to the minimal time offered, all totally free items are supplied with no assistance. Thank you for understanding.

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