Best Forex EA Good for Beginners | BenderFX Review

Best Forex EA Good for Beginners – BenderFX Review

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Best forex EA good for beginners benderfx review, over the years so many traders found it so difficult in finding a good and profitable forex trading EA that will at least be profitable for a very long time, some traders even said they only need a good trading robot that can be consistence with at least 75% profitable.

In this article today I will review and reveal a good forex trading robot that is very profitable after a series of test and back test, for sure I am pleased with the result, the first result I got from the first currency pair I use is amazing!

Giving me a total of 93% with just only two draw download in the two months’ time test. While the second and the third result never leave me in doubt with at least a return of 82% to 85% in two months’ time, this EA or expert advisor or robot is one of its kind and remember it’s free!

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Best Forex EA Good for Beginners

Best forex EA good for beginners

Anyway this indicator worth $155 but you can find the download button just below this article just download free and give it a try first on a demo account and by the time you understand how the whole EA work then you can use it on a live account.

Bender FX EA Work Based on Fibonacci retracements and extensions plus Price Actions. Developers claim to execute Artificial intelligence methods to lower the danger of the operation without threatening success plus gotten customized sets utilizing a Genetic algorithm.

Developers claim Month-to-month revenue between 40 to 80 percent of the preliminary capital. Bender FX EA also uses martingale strategy.

Unlike the majority of the other martingale, EA’s this does not position random entries, rather it uses Price Action plus Fibonacci and advances Artificial intelligence methods.

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Best Forex EA Good for Beginners


Minimum account balance of $200 or comparable micro or cent account, work best on AUDCAD, AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD and set files included for these pairs (deal with any pair).

Work Best on H1 Timeframe (deal with any timeframe). Bender FX EA work on ECN Accounts. Watch how to install, back-test and trade with the EA complete tutorial.

Best Forex EA Good for Beginners


Forex EA’s play a major role in assisting traders to achieve success in forex trading. This system will allow the user to set and forget about the Forex Market. Usually, automated software does not require additional actions from the trader.

From optimizing performance, to automatic execution of trades, all the transactions are handled by the application. And with this software, traders can just go on with their other daily business without worrying about investment in the market.

If you are a beginner, we would suggest using a forex EA, but if you must trade manually, as long as you devote the proper time to learning all there is to know about forex, you can succeed. And it is okay to start trading small at first until you gain more experience.

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