Dark Inversion MT5 – Forex War Indicator

Dark Inversion MT5

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Dark Inversion MT5 is an indicator for intraday trading. This indicator is based upon the counter trend technique, but with volatility. We can enter in excellent rate with this indicator in order to follow the inversions on the present instrument.

Secret benefits

Quickly noticeable Inversion Lines
Instinctive directional arrows
Automated modification for each timeframe and instrument
Easy to use even for novices
Never ever repaints, never ever back paints, Not Lag
100% suitable with Expert Advisor advancement
All kinds of notifies readily available: Pop-up, Email, Push notice and sound informs

It is recommended to utilize low spread ECN brokers. This indicator does not repaint and does not lag. Advised timeframes: all.

Suggested working sets: all.

Dark Inversion MT5


An ECN broker is constantly suggested for your manual trading. The indicator is extremely instinctive, follow the arrows to open the trades.


Duration: N ° of bars to think about when determining the indicator
Discrepancies: Deviations total up to determine the entry point
Rate Field: Price to utilize for compute the indication
Ma Method: Method for determine the indication


Program Arrow: if real, reveal arrow
Arrow Distance from entry level: arrow range in pixel from line
Purchase arrow color: Color for buy arrow
Purchase arrow size: size for buy arrow
Offer arrow color: color for sell arrow
Offer arrow size: size for sell arrow

Dark Inversion MT5


Program entry level: if real, reveal entry level line
Entry Level Width: line Width in bars
Offer Line 1 Color: offer line color
Offer Line 1 Size: offer line size … exact same for the others …

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Enable Alert: The indicator will send out an alert on your platform
Make It Possible For Push Notification: Send a Push notice on your mobile (metatrader app).
Enable E-Mail: Receive an e-mail when there is a signal.
Custom-made chart: if real, color the chart with my preferred colors.
Optimum Bars: Max bars to use the indication.

Download Dark Inversion MT5

Dark Inversion MT5

TW Version 8 Indicator

The TW Version 8 Indicator is a new indicator that has been completely re-written from scratch. The indicators are easy to read and can be used on any timeframe. The TW indicator is a very simple but effective tool for trading the markets.

The TW Version 8 Indicator uses three different moving averages: 5 day, 10 day, 20 day. It also uses two exponential moving averages (EMA) with different periods and one simple moving average (SMA). All of these signals are combined together in order to generate trading signals which you can use as part of your trading strategy.

The TW Version 8 Indicator is not designed to be used on its own. It works best when combined with other technical indicators such as the MACD or RSI.

In order to get the best results from this indicator it is recommended that you use it alongside another technical indicator such as the MACD or RSI so that you can get more accurate buy/sell signals.

When using this indicator along with another technical indicator like the MACD or RSI then you will need to decide which one gives you better trading signals: The TW Version 8 Indicator or The MACD/RSI?

TW Version 8 Indicator

The TW Version 8 indicator is a technical analysis indicator that combines multiple indicators and filters to produce clear trend signals and trading signals. This version has been updated from the original TW Indicator which was released in 2008.

The TW version 8 indicator is designed to be used on all time frames for any market, but works especially well for Forex and futures markets.

TW Version 8 Indicator is a scalping system developed by a group of traders who are active on the Forex market since 2008. They have tested this system on many accounts and found that it works. The main feature of this indicator is that it can be used as a complete trading system or as a part of your existing strategy.

This program uses three indicators to identify potential trading opportunities:

  • TW 8 Indicator – shows the moment when the price has reached its maximum value and will change direction (for example, in an uptrend). This indicator helps us determine the short term trends
  • TW Trendline – helps us determine whether the price will continue moving in one direction or not after reaching its maximum value. It shows where the trend line should be drawn for each candle (where there are two dots) if we want to get maximum profit
  • TW8 Slope – shows us how strong our position should be (how much leverage we should use)

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