Dark Moon Forex Trading EA – MT4 and MT5

Dark Moon Forex Trading EA

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Dark Moon forex trading EA is a completely automated Professional script or expert advisor for scalping trading or scalping the forex market generally. This Professional trading robot requires attention, in fact provides extremely adjustable.

Dark Moon is based upon Dark Absolute Trend sign, these Trades can be handle with some techniques. The specialist consultant has the ability to get an extremely high-rate of winning trades.

My tests were carried out with the genuine tick date with 99, 90% precision, real spread, extra slippage and High commission. Optimization experience is needed to download the robotic.

All the settings are external, so that everybody can set the robotic as they want. The fundamental technique begins with Market order in pattern following, however you can alter it, in others techniques counter pattern.

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Dark moon forex trading EA

Dark Moon Forex Trading EA


The Recommended Timeframe depends upon your settings, however you can utilize M5, M15, H1 and all others timeframes with the proper settings.

The Professional can go on EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD and USDCHF, however likewise in others with the proper settings.

An ECN broker is constantly suggested
A low latency VPS is constantly advised.
The suggested Utilize and deposit depends upon settings.


Dark Moon Settings

Magic Number: ID variety of the orders.
Max Spread: optimum infect trade.

Finance Settings

Lots: variety of lots if the cash management choice is handicapped.
Finance: if real allows the cash management choice.
Threat Percent: if the cash management choice is allowed, it suggests the threat portion.

Indicators Settings

Enable Dark Absolute Trend: if real, allow the sign
Dark Absolute Trend Strategies: Select the technique to follow
Minute of the Signal: Decide whether the signal will be performed on the existing bar or on the close of the previous bar.

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Dark Absolute Trend Period: Periods of Dark Absolute Trend Indicator
Dark Absolute Trend Timeframe: Timeframe of Dark Absolute Trend Indicator

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Dark Moon Forex Trading EA

Trading Hour

Enable Time Filter: if real allows the time filter
Trading Start Hour: running start Hour
Trading Start Minute: running start minutes
Trading Stop Hours: running end Hour
Trading Stop Minute: running end minutes
Liquidate of hours: close all orders at the end of the schedule.

Trading Days

Monday: if real, Trading on this Day is enabled.
Tuesday: if real, Trading on this Day is permitted.
Wednesday: if real, Trading on this Day is permitted.
Thursday: if real, Trading on this Day is enabled.
Friday: if real, Trading on this Day is enabled.
Saturday: if real, Trading on this Day is enabled.
Sunday: if real, Trading on this Day is permitted.

Trading Directions

Permit Buy: if real, EA can trade with buy orders.
Permit Sell: if real, EA can trade with sell orders.
Enable Sell and purchase at the same time: Allow buy and sell orders at the same time
Permit Order From Others Charts, At Same Time: if real, enable orders from others charts (If the EA then is placed on other sets, for instance).

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Trading Settings

Max Buy Orders: Max Number of buy orders at the same time.
Max Sell Orders: Max Number of sell orders at the same time.
One Trade Bar: if real, robotic can open only one trade for bar.
If there is Closed Order On Current Bar, do Not Open Orders.
Orders Timeframe: Timeframes for the orders (related to One Trade Bar and DoNotOpenOrders …).

Dark Moon Forex Trading EA

What is mt4 EA?

An expert adviser, or EA, is a piece of software that instructs traders when to execute trades in forex. It even launches and executes transactions automatically based on pre-programmed instructions or when a given condition is reached.

They’re often used with the MT4 and MT5 FX trading systems. If you wish to employ EAs, seek for a broker like Admiral Markets, Ava-trade, or Turnkey-Forex that provides meta-trader trading platforms. Apart from meta-trader platforms, you need also think about your other trading needs when choosing a broker.

Do forex robots make money?

Forex trading robots are intended to aid traders who desire to employ automated trading systems to help with technical analysis and the repetitive aspects of forex trading.

A forex robot, also known as an automated trading system, is a computer-based way of trading currency. It’s also known as an EA (algorithmic trading system) (expert adviser).

Forex robots may trade automatically 24 hours a day and are easy to purchase over the internet. Do they, however, really work? Can they really assist traders in maximizing profits?

This post will offer you with an overview of what a forex robot is and how to utilize one efficiently. Continue reading to learn more.

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Dark Moon Forex Trading EA

What Is an Automated Trading Strategy?

A forex trading strategy is a set of rules that a trader follows while purchasing and selling currency pairs. Normally, you would establish a trading strategy and follow it by hand, but many people now utilize computer programs to automate their trading.

These are not real robots; instead, they are highly specialized computer programs that have been designed to carry out a variety of trading duties. They are often referred to as FX robots or simply ‘bots.’

These include anything from alerting traders when it’s time to trade (known as’signals’) to automatically initiating and managing deals on their behalf.

It might be a pre-programmed forex robot with its own set of trading rules, or it could be a custom-built system that follows the trader’s own trading strategy.

It’s lot simpler and faster to acquire a commercial automatic trading system than it is to build one yourself, and if you’re new to forex trading, you’re probably better off purchasing one off the shelf.

On the market, there are a variety of forex robots. Some of them are well-respected systems, but others may be subpar or even frauds, so do your homework before purchasing and make sure you buy from a reliable source.

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Download Dark Moon Forex Trading EA

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  1. james Avatar

    this is James from USA I’m going to download the EA and I will send you the feedback about it, I know your indicators and EAs are always winners.

    1. Joseph Benson Avatar

      Thank you so much I really appreciate your reply! 🙏

  2. femi Avatar

    i triedd to intall the EA, but i it did not install

    1. Joseph Benson Avatar

      Did you extract it using winrar?

  3. Benny Avatar

    Hello,thanks man for the work work you doing, wanted to find out if the EA works for VIX index

    1. Joseph Benson Avatar

      Have not try it on VIX index before but you can give it a try! But on a demo account first!

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      2. Benny Avatar

        Its not working, it looks like an MT4 EA and not MT5

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    1. Joseph Benson Avatar

      I will suggest you download it from the original author site, the link will be available just below the download button on my site! Thank you.

  5. Harry Mayeah Koroma Avatar
    Harry Mayeah Koroma

    Hello young-man,
    My name is Harry. I have been a teacher all my life.
    recently I decided to venture into forex trading. With little knowledge about the market, I lost everything and so I gave up – went back to teaching. But have been watch your post on You-tube. I found so much sincerity and dedication in your quest to help other traders. Well for me, the best way to describe you, is to say you are the jesus of the trading world. keep it up. i would to come back to trading and learn if you agree to help me. I have see how much potential you carry.
    but even if you dont have time for my type, i say a huge thank you for helping the trading community world wide.
    i am a sierra Leonean living in the Gambia. Every one talks about your teachings and free trading indicators.

    1. Joseph Benson Avatar

      Thank you so much I really appreciate, trading forex is very profitable and simple but so many professional traders make it difficult….. don’t worry any time you are ready to start trading just let me know.

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    Indicator is not available

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