MA Crossover with ADX – Best MT5 Trading Strategy

MA Crossover With ADX - Best MT5 Trading Strategy

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MA Crossover with ADX – Best MT5 Trading Strategy, the approach is based upon rate crossover with Moving Typical indicator, verified by ADX sign. This indicator is one of it kind, if have been looking for a better way to trade forex then this indicator will do the job for you, the ADX is there to confirm the trend.

MA crossover with ADX

Can I make money with this strategy?

this is the most common question i know so many of you guys will be asking, not too worry I have the answer to your question, Yes if you managed the strategy properly sure you will make a lot of money with it, please don’t be greedy.

MA Crossover With ADX

The trade signals

Buy: shutting price of the last finished bar is higher than moving average, the moving ordinary increases at the current and last finished bars.

Sell: closing price of the last finished bar is lower than relocating standard, the relocating ordinary declines at the current as well as last completed bars.

To filter the incorrect signal, it checks the fad power (ADX > ADXmin) and trend instructions making use of the Directional Activity Indexes (DI+ and DI-).
Input criteria:

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MA Crossover With ADX

Inp_Signal_ADX_MA_PeriodADX = 48;
Inp_Signal_ADX_MA_MinimumADX = 13.0;
Inp_Signal_ADX_MA_PeriodMA = 50;
Inp_Signal_ADX_MA_StopLoss = 400;
Inp_Signal_ADX_MA_TakeProfit = 900;
Inp_Money_FixLot_Percent = 10.0;
Inp_Money_FixLot_Lots = 0.1.

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MA Crossover With ADX

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Download MA Crossover with ADX

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