Top 10 Trading Psychology | A Beginners Case Study

Top 10 Trading Psychology | A Beginners Case Study

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The top 10 trading psychology, in this article we are going to see and probably go through each of them step by step, trading psychology is a kind of precautions or let me call it rules a trader have to follow all through there trading career.

If you remember very well in the previous article I do said trading forex is fun and at the same time risky, if anyone tell you that forex trading is easy!

That is true if you maid have learn the basic and also probably learn and understand what risk management and how to use it to your advantage, those trading psychology that I will reveal in this article will change the way you trade forex forever!

We all want to make money trading forex right? Yes everybody want it, make sure you study those psychology very well and understand how to use it to your advantage, if you follow those simple psychology there is no doubt you will make it in forex trading.

What is the best trading psychology?

Let’s look at few best trading psychology you most learn to abide with, this is something you most learn how to overcome it in other to be successful and make profits.

Anyone who has traded in a live trading account for more than 5 transactions understands that trading psychology is just as important as trading tactics. To strengthen your trading attitude, read these books…

This collection of day trading psychology books includes five unique and beneficial suggestions. One book on the list is an all-arounder that may be used for trade and daily life skills.

It includes two of the most complete and practical books on improving your day-to-day trading psychology, as well as two classic trading classics that all traders should read to gain a feel of what it takes to be a good trader from successful traders’ perspectives.

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Trading Psychology

Which study is best for trading?

You gain from learning straight from the experts with a high-quality day trading course, as they expose you to effective trading tactics and approaches for minimizing risk in your stock portfolio.

Having access to mentors and a network of like-minded individuals may also give the extra insight and support that new traders need to keep moving ahead.

Not all courses, however, are made equal. In terms of the teachers’ expertise and track record, as well as the course format, they might differ greatly.

The value you get for your time and money, as well as the quality and amount of learning tools and materials.

Some of them are downright deceptions. With this collection, you’ll have a better chance of finding a high-quality course that will put you on the road to success.

To help you get there, we looked over 20 of the most popular day trading schools to see which ones were the best in six different areas.

In 2022 and 2023, the best day trading courses will be available.
Overall winner: Bear Bull Traders’ Most Complete Package: Best Value at Warrior Trading: Bears who are bullish.

Best for Forex Day Trading: Asia The Best Day Trading Penny Stocks: Forex Mentor One Core Program: Udemy is the best place to learn about trading, according to Timothy Sykes.

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Trading Psychology

Bull-Bear Traders

Bear Bull Traders provides the greatest overall trading school by combining a complete course offering, access to trading tools, and a trading community, as well as mentorship from a renowned trading expert, all at a reasonable price.


  • A large video collection and high-level trading training are available.
  • Real-time paper trading simulator is available.
  • A supportive trading community with chat room monitors.
  • Two alternative options are available, each with a seven-day trial.


  • Only elite subscribers get access to webinars.
  • There is no free trial membership available; it is a paid subscription.

The Bear Bull Traders teaching program provides a comprehensive learning path for traders of all levels of expertise. Combining professional guidance with an interactive trading community is a winning combination.

You have the greatest overall trading school if you have extensive learning materials and close assistance at a fair price.

Bear Bull Traders was founded in 2016 by world-class trader Andrew Aziz to offer traders of all levels with the chance to learn from the best in a community setting.

The trading classes are based on Andrew’s best-selling books and the tactics he discusses in them.

Members are guided through every stage of the trading process and strategy building via the software. It’s the only school we identified that employs four clinical psychologists to educate that crucial component of trading.

The program offers weekly webinars, downloadable materials, a real-time trading simulator, and a prominent online community of active day traders in addition to its extensive video collection.

Traders may also communicate and learn in two separate chatrooms. Andrew Aziz is one of the experienced mentors available to members.

With a $39. seven-day paid trial, you may give the Bear Bull Traders a test drive. It is, however, not a complete trial and simply offers chat rooms and a quick start guide.

There are two types of memberships available. One costs $99 a month and includes chat rooms and access to the essentials course.

The Elite plan, which costs $199 per month or $1,199 per year, is the other choice. You’ll also have access to the advanced course, the psychology team, webinars, and mentoring with this subscription.

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Trading Psychology

Trading Warrior

Warrior Trading provides a training route to assist you reach to the next level, regardless of your degree of expertise, making it our top selection for the finest complete offering in day trading classes.


  • Beginners and expert traders will benefit from this high-quality education.
  • Real-time paper trading simulator is an option.
  • A large library of resources is available.
  • There is a large and busy chat room here.
  • Beginners may take a free three-lesson course.


  • On the higher end of the pricing scale.

Warrior Trading students get access to a massively popular chat room, live trading demos, group coaching, and an enormous resource library in addition to a series of trading courses for traders of all skill levels.

That’s why, for a complete offering, we picked Warrior Trading as the finest day trading education.

Ross Cameron, a well-known trader, founded Warrior Trading. There are two training programs available: Warrior Starter for beginners and Warrior Pro for more experienced students.

It also provides a free course to get you started learning the basics before enrolling in one of its expensive courses.

The Warrior Starter program is divided into 15 chapters that explain the basics of day trading. Students study how markets and trading accounts operate.

The psychology of trading and technical analysis The chat rooms are open to students. As an add-on, a simulator is offered.

During the first month, the cost is $997, however we were sometimes given a bargain price of $598.20. The next months will cost $197 per month.

While the Warrior Starter program is not cheap, few programs can match its complete offering, which is intended to help you swiftly progress over the learning curve.

The quicker you progress, the better prepared you’ll be for the Warrior Pro program, which adds some useful tools and resources.

Students in the Warrior Pro program participate in more advanced training sessions and have access to group mentorship.

The Warrior Pro course costs $4,297 for 90 days, after which users must pay $197 each month to maintain access.

This item is sometimes on sale for $2.578. A annual option for $5,997 is also available, with a promotional price of $3,598.20 on occasion.

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Trading Psychology

Bears who are bullish

You’d be hard-pressed to find a trading school with a more complete offering for just $97 a month (a yearly reduced price of only $497), which is why we picked Bullish Bears as the finest day trading course for the money.


  • Free trial for 7 days.
  • Access to extensive training materials at a low cost.
  • Community and chat rooms
  • Mentoring through live-streamed screen sharing.
  • There are resources for people of various ability levels.


  • There is no simulator available.

The Bullish Bears’ goal is to teach anybody who wants to learn how to be a successful day trader. As a result of the cheap monthly membership fee of $97 (or $497 per year), you’ll have access to a variety of learning materials and tools, including a top-tier course and an interactive chat room.

Trading rooms that broadcast live, as well as other useful trading tools Despite this, Bullish Bears is the greatest value in a day trading course on our list.

Bullish Bears has amassed a sizable following, as indicated by its YouTube channel’s more than 90,000 followers.

People may join because of the inexpensive membership fee, but they remain because of the vibrant and supportive community found in the chat rooms.

The trading rooms are a learning experience in and of itself, with live broadcasting of deals prepared and performed by a team of expert traders.

Although the firm does not provide a simulator, you might practice on one provided by a third party.

All courses, daily watch lists, chat room, live-streaming trading room, trade alerts, and other trading tools are available during the Bullish Bears’ 7-day free trial, which includes almost everything offered through the $97 monthly membership, including all courses.

Daily watch lists, chat room, live-streaming trading room, trade alerts, and other trading tools. With a yearly membership of $497 ($41.42 per month), members can save money.

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Trading Psychology

Forex Mentor in Asia

The complete One Core Program can teach you how to day trade in any market, but its major focus is forex, thus it’s our pick for the best day trading school for forex trading.


  • The course has a lot of information in it.
  • A video course that seems like it was shot in a studio.
  • A seven-day trial is available for free.
  • As a mentor, a world-renowned trader.


  • For educational courses, there is no monthly payment plan.

Ezekiel Chew is not your typical trading teacher. He trains traders from banks, asset management businesses, and top trading firms all around the globe.

He founded the One Core Program as a means to give back to the trading community as one of the leading specialists in the finance business and one of the top FX traders in the world.

Although the curriculum is meant to educate anybody how to trade in any market, we chose Ezekiel’s One Core Program as the finest day trading school for learning FX trading since it is his specialty.

Chew launched Asia Forex Mentor in 2008, and the curriculum builds on his almost 20 years of trading expertise.

The $997 package ($940 if you skip the trial) is jam-packed with instructional information, including 26 full-scale classes spread out over 60 sub-topics that students may see through studio-quality internet videos.

Ezekiel sets down his high-win-rate tactics with hand-picked examples, explanations, and interpretations in each session. Students are invited to check out the One Core Program for free for seven days before investing $997.

When students join the Golden Eye Group, the actual learning starts. Members receive access to Ezekiel’s brain for $118 each month ($1,200 yearly) as he live-streams his weekly market analysis and gives insight into interpreting charts and putting up trades.

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Trading Psychology

Trading Program of Timothy Sykes

Day trading penny stocks is a specialized area of trading, and Timothy Sykes is the top penny stocks day trader and educator, making his course the best for learning how to day trade penny stocks.


  • Top penny stock dealer is in charge.
  • There is a chatroom available.
  • Watchlists for stocks.
  • A broad range of instructional resources are available.


  • The showy manner of Tim Sykes might be a turn-off.
  • Pricing is not open and transparent.
  • Timothy Sykes’ information is excellent for people who wish to learn how to day trade penny stocks.

Because Sykes is a top penny stock trader and mentor to some of the most successful penny stock traders, we recommend his material as the best way to learn how to day trade penny stocks.

You’ll discover great learning tools if you can get beyond Tim’s aggressive and showy approach to marketing, which has the appearance and feel of a “get rich fast” plan.

Tim’s website has a wealth of free instructional resources. However, in order to get information about his paid learning program, you must “apply” by providing your email address.

Trading Psychology


You can’t do better than Udemy’s day trading courses if you’re fresh new to day trading and want to learn before committing to a trading program, which is why we named it the top day trading school for instructional material.


  • Low costs.
  • Instruction from an expert.
  • Courses that are comprehensive.
  • A large number of courses are available.


  • There is no way to put it into practice.
  • There are no chat rooms.
  • There will be no coaching.

With a large assortment of investment courses, Udemy is a worldwide leader in online instructional material. Udemy’s Day Trading 101 gives a clear perspective into the basics for individuals who merely want to dip their toe into the day trading seas.

The course costs $119.99, and Udemy often offers discounts. If day trading isn’t for you, you won’t have to put much money at risk. That’s why we selected Udemy as the best place to learn about day trading.

Day Trading 101, like other Udemy investing courses, is taught by a professional educator. SharperTrades, LCC, is an online trading education site founded by Luca Moschini. Luca has approximately 150,000 students and nearly 18,000 Udemy evaluations, earning him a 4.6 rating.

This four-hour on-demand video course is taught by Luca. Technical analysis, which is an important part of day trading, is highly emphasized in the course.

It does, however, cover the whole day trading spectrum, from technical chart interpretation to stock selection. Students get access to online help as well as video courses that include trading examples.

Udemy guarantees the quality of its courses with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you have lifelong access to the course contents, as with all Udemy courses.

If you want to continue your day trading education, Udemy provides a large range of courses, some of which are more advanced and others of which concentrate on specific day trading markets such as futures.

Currency, options, and stocks. The majority of its trading courses are inexpensive, and they are routinely reduced.

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Trading Psychology

Top 10 Trading Psychology

When it come to trading psychology it is not easy to master and start making cool money, psychology is one of those things that can make you lose money and decieve you to leave the market so early, check out this key trading psychology you need to follow to succeed.

Key Psychology for You

  1. Don’t let the chart confuse you
  2. Just accept that the market is random
  3. Zoom out the chart before each trade
  4. Accept the risk is part of it
  5. Know when to cash out
  6. Know when you are wrong
  7. Infinity a market without limit
  8. Never let go
  9. Cut out the noise
  10. Always think like a winner

Don’t Let the Chart Confuse You

The chart can be confusing especially to beginners, the chart is the most confusing part of the forex trading lesson every new trader should learn very fast, but in this article, we are going to learn how to look at a chart, the chart just as I said earlier.

First look at it like something you about to play, do not let it confuse you at all, if you look at how bulky the chart is for sure it will confuse you and probably scared you away, and you will not like to trade forex again.

This is one of the psychology that can affect many traders and also take away the passion of trading out of you. Trading forex can be very fun and making money out of it is very interesting, the chart is your friend since you cannot trade forex without it! Well never let go keep pushing until you get used to it.

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How do you master trade psychology?

How to Improve Your Trading Psychology

1. Establish a Positive Mental Attitude
Simply remind yourself that markets are never consistent before you begin your trading day. There will be good days and terrible days, but the bad days will pass as well.

Giving yourself time is another good method for improving your trading attitude. You are unlikely to earn a fortune on your first day of trading.

You must devote time and effort to developing a rock-solid trading technique that is unaffected by market conditions.

While emotions can never be totally removed from trading, the idea is to limit the amount to which emotions dominate your trading psyche.

2. Possess a vast knowledge base
Increasing your knowledge and trading abilities is one of the most effective strategies to enhance your trading mindset.

To overcome negative trading psychology, you’ll need a solid understanding of the stock market. Keep in mind that information is power!

3. Keep in mind that you are dealing with real money.
It’s easy to forget that the figures on your screen reflect real money when you’re trading online.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a chance with your money in the hopes of making a profit. However, remember to use caution and make more informed financial judgments.

4. Pay Attention to Successful Traders’ Habits
The stock market is unusual in that each trader is treated differently. When it comes to trading, you should be aware of what your peers are doing so that you may learn from them rather than duplicate them.

You may enhance your trading tactics by examining the good features of great traders and incorporating a few habits or methods into your own trading.

5. Put in some practice time! Practice, practice, practice!
Last but not least, practice is the most effective and consistent technique to improve mental strength. It aids in the development of your trading psyche as you develop well-practiced trading techniques and are well prepared for any ups and downs.

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Trading Psychology

Just Accept That the Market is Random

To be honest, no one ever predicted the market and succeed 100%, we only try and succeed 95% most time but no one ever makes it up to 100% the market is random, don’t you ever think of predicting the market and have it mind to succeed 100%.

Just accept that the market is random this psychology keep most of us in the market today and never think professional traders don’t lose money, no trader at any level that doesn’t lose money!

That is to tell you that the market is 100% random and no trader in any level of professionalism can predict and succeed the market 100%, we all love to make money trading forex right?

Keep it real and simple! Well, you can still make money trading forex despite the randomness of the forex market……..but have it in mind that you cannot predict the market and succeed 100% the way you are probably thinking right now.

Zoom Out the Chart before Each Trade

Before you enter a trade it is very important to zoom out the chart in review, I create a video with a step by step guide on YouTube the video explain all you probably want to learn about it is an added incentive to this article, many traders never see how important it is to zoom out in review!

I personally trade forex and there is no how I will enter a trade without zooming out the chart to see what kind of trade am I to enter.

The zooming out in review not only tell you what type of trade to enter but you will easily spot out the major key level I mean the support and resistance level, it is of importance as a trader new or pro to always zoom out the chart in review.

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Trading Psychology

Accept the Risk is Part of it

Yes just accept that risk is part of forex trading! Every forex strategy you maid have to think of having a risk, just as I mention earlier risk is part of forex, the life we breathe is a risk that is to say without risk no forex trading.

Someone ever asks me a question saying is there any way to trade forex and make a reasonable amount of money or profits without risk?

And in reply I said Naaaah!!!!!! Is not possible! If the life we are all having is at risk how much more forex trading, making money in any form never come easy so do forex trading, if you know you want to trade forex that is mean that the same day you accept the risk involved.

Think about it! Forex comes with a high risk that is why even your broker will tell you that your capital is at risk, but still we never stop trading because the life you live is a risk also, just accept the risk and trade with confidence.

Know when to Cash Out

Knowing when to cash out is of very important, well many traders suffer with this! I mean even some professionals found it difficult to know when exactly to cash out this can really affect you when trading forex, and is one of the most affecting trading psychology that every trader have to look into!

Some will ask how do I know when to cash-out exactly? To be honest with you when trading forex and probably the trade is in your favor some time we all love to make more money right?

Yes that is it, in the process of making more profit that is when we will loss massively! If you are pursuing profit you will not know exactly when to cash-out, we all love to make money trading forex but at the same time we all need to be careful.

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Infinity a Market without Limit

The forex market is a market without limit! There is no limit to what you can make in forex, to be honest with you let make our self very clear, many traders want to keep making money or profits continuously have if the market will expire.

But is not like that forex market is a market without limit and the market is not running away so we always advice traders not to rush trading at all, after all there is no limit to forex market, as a trader make sure you have a daily target to avoid you from trading the market all day.

This continue trading without a daily target is a big psychology we have to deal with as a trader, now that you know forex market have no limit and there is no limit to what you can make trading forex…….trade with daily target trade safely.

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Trading Psychology

Never let go

Never let go! This is another psychology that you have to deal with as a trader! Some trader after experiencing a lost for the first time they feel like quitting yes! But to be honest with you that is a big psychology you need to deal with it.

I started trading forex since 2008 then as a new with no experience I started losing money at first I nearly quit then I deal with it, I make my second deposit and lost again.

This time I said to myself it’s over am quitting and yes I did just that but it never last after two weeks I make my last decision to back into trading and if you lose I will quit trading forever, but this time I come back prepared, then I was having little or no knowledge about forex.

But for the last time I decided to learn forex step by step and put all I learn into test with a demo account, and then I when back with full force and I make it, this is to let you know that real traders Never let go and never quit.

Cut out the Noise

Making sure you cut out the noise will for sure keep you going, many traders who try forex trading and never make money always make new traders afraid of trading the market, yes they will keep on saying that forex trading is a scam.

Some will say you can never make money trading forex, so much more of that! But to be honest with is a kind of psychology you need to avoid hearing, just cut out the noise and face the reality.

Those noise can raise the level of your psychology so avoid hearing such rumors, forex trading is legal all over the world and is not a gambling.

Always think like a Winner

Always think like a winner and never see yourself a loser! This is a good psychology you need to follow and it will keep you going.

No matter what happen during trading just think like a winner and let it be! Someone ask me saying Joseph you always said think like a winner why?

And in reply I said that is the secret source to success yes believe it work well even not on forex trading is simply the fact of life.

For me I always think like a winner and I never let go! How about you? Do you or will you think like a winner? This is the time success begin with you.

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Trading Psychology

Final ruling

Never let go, always trade forex with confidence, always try to stick to your trading psychology because it will help you during forex trading, don’t forget to always think like a winner that alone keep you going…..

Never listen to fake noise because it can raise the level of false psychology inside you, so make sure to always cut out the noise.

Trade wise because there is no limit to what you can make in the forex market and forex market is a market without limit, make sure you have a daily target, also in addition try to know exactly when to cash out…….continue trading can be dangerous at times.

I just hope you have found this article very helpful and if you want to get more value from me about forex on a video, strategies and indicators subscribe to my YouTube channel Joseph Benson Click Here.

Have any comments or questions you can drop it in the comment section below hope to see you next article bye! With much love from Joseph Benson.

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