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Another Forex Non-Repaint Strategy Recap & Review

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Another forex non-repaint strategy, this article we are going to see how to trade with a strategy that is 100% unique, to me this strategy is a life saver or life changer, to many the strategy is killer system, I have been using this system over the years now with little or no complain at all. 

Let me introduce you to a system called Forex killer to many, now this system or strategy is one of its kind among its class, I know so many will say can I make money trading Forex? Yes this indicator am about show you will for sure change the way you trade forex forever. 

Another Forex Non-Repaint Strategy

Another forex non-repaint strategy

Is the indicator free to download?

Yes this indicator is available for free to download, even right now you already have those indicators on your metatrader 4 & 5 trading platform ready for you to install to start trading just the way am about to show you in this article. 

Who is the strategy meant for?

This strategy is meant for every stage of a trader, both beginners and professionals can use this strategy to their advantage right now to make consistence amount of money every day trading the market. 

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Another Forex Non-Repaint Strategy

How do I trade with this indicator?

To trade with this indicator is simple let me show you how! First after installing or apply the indicator entering a trade is very simple which I will show you how, and also I have a video embed in this article in case you did not understand this article very well perhaps the video will help.

The strategy consist of 50 simple moving average, 8 exponential moving average and ADX (average directional movement index)

Open buy order

To enter a buy order price must be above the 50 SMA line and of course 8 EMA line must be above the 50 SMA line, a bullish candlestick must cross below the 8 EMA line to close above the 8 EMA line. 

Open sell order

To enter a sell order price must be below the 50 SMA line and of course 8 EMA line must be below the 50 SMA line, a bearish candlestick must cross above the 8 EMA line to close below the 8 EMA line. 

Watch this video below to learn how to install and trade with this strategy, make sure you watch the video to the very end to understand the whole process.

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Another Forex Non-Repaint Strategy


Overall this strategy is unique since my first introduction in 2020, if follow correctly there is no doubt you can make a lot of money just trading with this strategy only.

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Kind regards
Joseph Benson

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