Tema Trend – 3 Things you should know about this Indicator

Tema Trend - 3 Things you should know about this Indicator

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Tema Trend – 3 things you should know about this Indicator, The TEMA Trend indicator is based on 2 TEMA (Triple Exponential Moving Typical) – fast and sluggish. One of thing that make the Tema trend unique is the early signal accuracy across all the currency pair.

You can use the Tema trend indicator to Forex, Crypto, Option, Stock and indices, with all this in-place you can see now you are the boss! Trading forex with Tema trend indicator is very unique and profitable over time.

Tema Trend

The 3 things you need to know about tema trend

1. Buy condition

Buy if the Tema trend line crosses above the zero level line and the Tema line is blue and if Parabolic SAR star or dot appear below price which is candlestick.

2. Sell condition

Sell if the Tema trend line crosses below the zero level line and the Tema line is red and if Parabolic SAR star or dot appear above price which is candlestick.

3. Warning

Warning never enter a trade if the above set conditions were not met! Make sure all the conditions happen before you enter a trade. The benefit of the TEMA is that it supplies a smaller hold-up than a moving average with a single or double smoothing.

The indicator permits figuring out the instructions and strength of the trend, and it can work on any timeframe. Uptrends are shown by blue color of the indicator line, sags by the red color.

Close a short position and open a long one if the line color modifications from red to blue. Close a long position and open a brief one if the line color modifications from blue to red. Utilize a little stop loss, as the line itself might unexpectedly alter its color and direction.

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The following can be set in tema trend indicator

duration (Quick Period, Slow Duration);
price used calculations (Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Normal, Weighted).
The Colors tab enables to choose the color, width and line design of the indicator.


Quick duration – the variety of bars used for quick TEMA estimation
fast used price – applied price type for the fast TEMA
Sluggish duration – the number of bars used for sluggish TEMA calculation
slow applied price – used price type for the slow TEMA.

Tema Trend


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