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Trend Monitor for MT5 - Honest Review

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Trend monitor for MT5, a custom-made MT5 (Metatrader 5) indicator that examines the trend, and volatility analyzer indicator. In addition, it identifies the beginning and the end of the trend that works for many currency pairs and timeframes.

The Trend monitor indicator is using an enhanced formula based on moving average angle. Personally I love to trade with the Trend monitor most time, the uniqueness with this indicator is totally mind blowing!

I think very few Forex traders know about this indicator, and I personally decided to make it very popular by writing this article for as many traders as possible to discover this indicator and also have it for free download.

Making money trading forex never come’s easy before but not now! Now there are lot of indicators to help even if you are a beginner trader to make money from trading forex, technology really make things easy even on Forex trading, I just hope for find this article and the free indicator very helpful.

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Trend monitor for MT5

Trend Monitor for MT5

Secret functions

Identify the start and the end of the trend with Histogram.
Recognize quickly the Strength of the Trend (Max Increase and Max Reduction) based upon moving typical angle.
Identify the Market Corrections. (Weak Trend) based on moving typical angle.
Get Alert when the Potential trend begins.

Advantage of trend monitor

Working with all sets (Forex, Crypto, Indices and commodities).
Working with all timeframes. (Recommended time frame: H1 and H4 timeframes)
Alert generator. (Pop-up alert, Press Alert Alerts … etc.)
100% Free Indicator

The trend system

Trend system is a methodology that aims to earn a profit through the assessment of an instrument’s momentum in a particular instructions. When the predominant price move is revealing a particular instructions, either up or down, that is called a trend.

Remember buying and selling with the trend monitor is way too easy, always follow the video embed in this article to get a clear understanding on how to install and trade with the trend monitor.

The Quantum Trend Monitor is really a combination of two indicators. It was created to not only assist you remain in trends once they start, but also to warn you when a trend is about to finish or is just halting before resuming. It’s recommended to pair this indication with the Quantum Trends indicator.

The Trend Monitor seeks to smooth out modest pullbacks and reversals that are inevitable in price movement, allowing you to stay in the trend and maximize your profit potential on every trade. This is a feature of the solid bar, which shows four different colors.

The Trend Monitor becomes bright red or brilliant blue when the market is aggressively trending. The Trend Monitor is either dark red or dark blue when the market is in transition or at a standstill point.

When the Trend Monitor changes from one bright hue to another (for example, from red to blue or blue to red), it indicates that the present trend may be coming to an end.

The Trend Monitor smooths out a trend’s ups and downs, which is represented in Quantum Trends, which then delivers the ‘fine detail’ of every move.

The yellow trend line, which represents the trend’s’strength’ and provides an extra viewpoint on the trend, is the second aspect of the Trend Monitor. The trend line goes above and below the indicator’s’mean,’ which is represented by a white dotted line.

The yellow trend line travels above and below the mean level as the trend develops, and when it hits extremes, this is another possible warning that the trend is getting tired.

To keep your charts clean and clear, the trend line indication may be used directly on the Quantum Trend Monitor itself, as seen above, or independently in another window.

The Quantum Trend Monitor, like all of the Quantum trading indicators, is best utilized in several timeframes to provide visual alerts of trend changes both upstream and downstream of your principal trading chart.

Incase the indicator fail to download or install Click here to download from it origin site

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Trend Monitor for MT5


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