Easy Trend MQL5 – Easy Way to Success

Easy Trend MQL5

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Easy trend mql5, this indicator is based upon 4 moving averages and the PIVOT points. The sign supplies clarity to trading, specifically in varying markets when costs are tight and really sluggish.

You can trade intensively every day with this sign. You might choose to trade with this sign alone and get the most out of the marketplace.

The sign was developed with high frequency insight, timing, and best entry/exit concepts.

The arrows will point you to the most likely instructions of cost, depending upon the time frame. Each time period has its own cost movement/direction.

Easy Trend MQL5 is a simple indicator that can be used on the MetaTrader 5 platform. It is an EMA (Exponential Moving Average) indicator with a default setting of 10, 20, 30 and 50 periods. The indicator includes the ability to plot three lines on the chart at once: a moving average, a signal line and a histogram.

The main feature of Easy Trend MQL5 is that it can be customized by changing the period of time over which you want to calculate the average price. You can also change the number of lines on your chart or change where these lines are displayed on your chart.

The histogram shows how many bars were above or below the current price at any given time, which provides information about market trends.

Easy Trend MQL5

(1) The blue line reveals the uptrend and purchase range/area

The yellow line likewise serves as an assistance signal location when the pattern is bullish. If you are a conservative pattern trader, utilize the yellow line to assess an entry point when the pattern is bullish.

(3) The red line reveals the down pattern and offer range/area.

The green line likewise serves as a resistance signal location when the pattern is bearish. If you are a conservative pattern trader, utilize the green line to assess an entry point when the pattern is bearish.

Easy Trend MQL5

The sign can be utilized on whenever frame, however I discover it most efficient on 30 minutes and 1 hour amount of time.

Utilize vertical lines to demarcate the colored lines and you will see brief term buy/sell chances if the market is puzzling and varying.

When the pattern is strong usage the indication to discover great entry exits.

Easy Trend MQL5

Easy Trend MQL5 is a MetaTrader 5 Expert Advisor for trading trend reversal.

It uses a simple moving average crossover to open trades but it has several advantages:

  • It doesn’t require any technical indicators. The use of indicators can lead to false signals, especially when the market is choppy. Easy Trend MQL5 works with any pair and timeframe, from minutes to years.
  • The EA has been optimized for low latency execution. It uses a Stop Loss and Take Profit at the same price level, which guarantees that you’ll never be stopped out against your will (no martingale). It also uses lot size reduction in case of adverse market movements.
  • It gives you complete freedom to customize its parameters (expert advisor inputs). You can also make it trade with different timeframes and pairs by changing just one line in the source code (full source code available on request).

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