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RSI Signal

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RSI signal, values listed below 30 show an oversold state, and values above 70 suggest an overbought state. The traditional analysis of it is the following: if the oscillator line goes out of the oversold zone, it is a signal to open a long position.

The indication shows entry points on the chart utilizing arrows.

Input Parameters:

Duration RSI-RSI Duration

Signal level in percent’s-level the line needs to cross to produce a signal for opening a position. Condition for opening a long position (green arrow up): the line crosses the level ‘Signal level in percent’s’ upwards.

Condition for opening a brief position (red arrow down): the line crosses the level ‘100-Signal level in percent’s’ from leading downwards. If the worth of ‘Signal level in percent’s’ on default, then this worth is equivalent to 70.

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RSI Signal

Operation Y indicator

Operation Y indicator is a predictive model that predicts the sales of a product in the future. It takes into account the past data of sales and predicts the future sales by analyzing its current trends.

Operation Y indicator is used to assess the potential of a particular product or service in the market. It is also used to understand how well a company can perform in the market by comparing its performance with other companies.

Operation Y indicator uses information from various departments such as finance, marketing, production and research & development to determine what products have potential for growth and which ones don’t.

It helps companies understand their market share and gives them an idea of how much more they need to invest in order to gain more market share than their competitors do.

Operation Y was a wartime operation of the Japanese Navy in World War II. It was intended to attack the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor and as a diversionary attack against San Diego, California.

The plan was developed by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto in early 1941, but he canceled it due to fears that Admiral Thomas C. Hart would detect the preparations and alert Hawaiian defenses in time.

RSI Signal

Operation Y was revived after the attack on Pearl Harbor, but again canceled when U.S. naval forces failed to detect Japanese Admiral Nagumo’s task force en route to Midway Island, leading Yamamoto to believe that he had lost his element of surprise.

The original Operation Y plan called for a simultaneous attack on Pearl Harbor and San Diego on October 28 or 29 (Hawaii time), 1941. The plan called for two waves of aircraft:

one from Japan carrying high explosive bombs and incendiary bombs, and another from bases in French Indochina carrying torpedoes. The first wave would attack Pearl Harbor while the second wave attacked San Diego.

Operation Y indicator is a complex of indicators that helps to identify the direction of the trend. It is based on simple moving averages and other indicators.

The indicator consists of three lines: the main line, which is colored, and two auxiliary lines, which are not colored. The main line can be drawn in any color, and its length can vary from 0 to 1000 points, depending on the time period used for calculation.

The two auxiliary lines are drawn with different colors, which can also be chosen by the user. The indicator uses three simple moving averages: exponential (EMA), simple (SMA), and smoothed (SMMA).

At first glance it may seem that there are too many parameters for such a simple indicator. But in fact, all these parameters are set automatically by default values ​​and do not affect its behavior.

RSI Signal

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